eMate 300

Introduced in March 1997, the eMate 300 was designed specifically for the education market. It was the first (and only) Newton-based machine with a keyboard, though a stylus was available as well. Apple's first use of the translucent coloured plastics that would become a feature of Apple's industrial design for the next few years.
The eMate 300 ran on a 25 MHz ARM 710a processor, had 3 MB of RAM, and ran Newton OS 2.1. It had a backlit-grayscale screen similar to that of the MessagePad 2000 but with a landscape form factor. It also included a single PCMCIA slot and a Newton InterConnect port. The eMate 300 sold for $799 exclusively to the education sector, and was discontinued in February 1998. (source; AppleHistory.com)


Way cool for school!